Thursday, April 23, 2009

ILM alternative connector for Outlook Live

Outlook Live
With the sunny days to come, we here at Tools4ever try to deliver you more free time. How? Well with the easy creation of Outlook Live accounts. If you're using Outlook Live, you have a very limited set of options to create, disable, delete, update those accounts.

ILM alternative
Well one way would be to script some PowerShell scripts. Make them robust, fast, add logging, and feed them with the correct data... of course Microsoft supports this with there heavy duty tool. (Multiple consultants swarming your company to accomplish it with ILM). I don't no any ILM alternative which could accomplish this task and all the extra's we can deliver. Even for big companies we think, one product and 1 or 2 days of consultancy should be enough. Well with UMRA it is very possible, if it would talk Outlook Live... Guess what with the Q3 release we will talk the talk and walk the walk. This makes UMRA a great ILM alternative.

At the moment we are creating and testing our Outlook Live actions, creating a nice ILM alternative connector. We make sure you can accomplish everything you can with ILM and more.

Using our stable PowerShell framework, it is possible to use the PowerShell V2 remoting technology from within User Management Resource Administrator. Based on that framework we've created a set of actions to support all possibilities of the Outlook Live environment. Combined with all the logging, delegation, automation possibility's of UMRA we can provide a very advanced and flexible environment to manage and automate the user management of your Outlook Live environment. This means it is now possible to synchronize the user accounts of Outlook Live with all the other environments we support (Active Directory, Novell, Lotus Notes, Magister Hosted, Teletop, N@TSchool, and hundreds other environments.) Try to accomplish this power with ILM, or any other ILM alternative.

Also the delegation power of UMRA will be available for Outlook Live, giving your help desk the opportunity to create Outlook Live and Active Directory (or any other environment) accounts at once.

Did I mention the password synchronization module? This module of UMRA keeps your passwords in sync. As soon as someone resets his/her password in Active Directory it's automatically (and off course very secure) replicated to all the other environments, including Outlook Live. Being a Microsoft Gold partner we can provide you with all support you need on this environment.

But... how about Google Apps? Well we support that one too. More on that in some of the next posts. We'll beat ILM on that too :p

Happy connecting...

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LordPug said...

Are you saying I can user UMRA to keep our Outlook Live passwords synced to our Active Directory passwords? That would be awesome! I have tried to use ILM and it is impossible to figure out... is this functionality available in UMRA now? If not, when? We already use UMRA and I would love to be able to use it for password syncs!

Alexis said...

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