Monday, April 20, 2009

user management resource administrator and aura lotus novell teletop it's learning etc.

Here at Tools4ever we try to connect to every possible user system. How? With User Management Resource Administrator (or umra for friends). Umra is a system to read users in one system and create them in other system(s), or to provide a little form to a help desk employee requesting a few variables (name, address, whatever the customer wants) and create the user in 1 or more systems, updating your Topdesk help desk database etc.

Not only do we create user accounts in Active Directory (duh), but also Novell and Lotus Notes (well actually lotus domino of course) are supported + like lots and lots of HR, E-Learning and other systems

Schools and Soap

Traditionally schools have big user transitions every year. So a lot of schools are familiar with Tools4ever and UMRA. More and more e-learning systems are supporting SOAP interface to create and read user information. Those interfaces are used by UMRA to communicate with those systems. We use advanced (and then I really mean advanced, with multi-threading, exception handling, on the fly proxy dll generation, secure password handling etc.) PowerShell scripts to send and retrieve those information.
With the latest UMRA release the framework is heavy extended to support all those advanced PowerShell scripts. Also some customers already have some customized installations to support N@TSchool, Teletop and Aura. All working very well with high performance.
We are trying to release most connectors for the mentioned systems before the summer. So keep watching the Tools4ever website at or this blog.
Also the connection to It's Learning (E-Learning system) is progressing. It's learning extended their soap interface to support the heavy usage of this interface by UMRA, as soon as this new interface is released UMRA will be extended to support the It's learning functionality

So this year a lot of connections will come to you all with high performance, fault detection, logging etc.
Also we are working on GoogleApps, Live@edu and Outlook Live connectors, more about them in a next post.

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