Monday, June 29, 2009

Belkin Soho kvm beeps

Well finally some word for me, being very busy to create connectors for various systems (later more on that) my boss ordered some Dell machine with a big cpu and 8gig memory. After connecting it to my Belkin Soho (F1DS104L) kvm and installing VMware ESXi 4.0 on it I was happy. I transfered all my VM's from my development pc to this monster and was even more happy. In the process I switched a lot to my 3d (word/mail) pc to do some othere stuff in the meanwhile. Till... my kvm switch begin to do weird. In the end I replaced it with a brand new one. On the old one I managed somehow to disable the beep sound (which beeps when you switch). On the new one the beep was back again. So anoying till I hit scrolllock (twice after each other) and then the b (beep?) the beep was gone. I know a few months before I looked everywhere to find this feature for my college, but my searched turned up nothing. No we are both silently happy :).

Next time more on the TOPdesk or It's Learning connector

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